Window Tinting

Alaska’s long summer days and clean air exposes us to a higher concentration of UV rays than most other states. Therefore, tinting your vehicle makes good health sense and your car or truck will look better as well. We also tint commercial and residential buildings. Window tinting is weather dependent and available Mid-February till the end of August.

Read Alaska’s Window Tinting Statutes: 13 AAC 04.223. Tinted vehicle windows



This is an example of a car with 35% tint on all windows except the windshield.


This is an example of a car with 35% tint on the front windows and 20% tint on the rear windows.


The picture on the left shows how the window tint can prevent injuries from shattered glass during an accident. In this case, it saved the passenger from going to the hospital. This feature of correctly installed tint has not gone unnoticed by the NHTSA or safety concerns of some automobile manufacturers. Most model vehicles now feature factory glass laminated with tint type film for just this reason. Just another reason to consider having your vehicle professionally tinted by Auto Trim Design of Fairbanks.