Our Warranty

Warranty information

Auto Trim Design warranties our installation work to be free of defects for as long as you own your  private vehicle.  This does not include normal wear and tear, abuse, collisions, corrosion, acts of God/nature, acts of stupidity, acts of war, damage caused by others, damage caused by animals, damage caused by voltage spikes, damage caused by failure of other components, damage caused by polarity reversal, acts of terrorism, acts of civil unrest, unfounded suspicions, costs associated with consequential damages, theft, water damage, ice/mud damage, damage caused by road salt, etc.

Manufacturers warranties, including graphics, differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and product to product and we advise you to read the warranty information provided by the manufacturer generally either with your purchase or, and more commonly now, on their website. At times manufacturers go out of business, are bought out, become victims of corporate raiders, invoke “end of life” production decisions by the manufacturer, and their warranties/availabilities go with them to the grave.  It is an unfortunate fact of business and one that we cannot be held liable for.

In a very simplistic overview, if there is a true defect in our install or the product within the warranty period we will fix it in-house.