Custom Wiring

Over the years our reputation of excellence in automotive wiring has lead our customers to request us to design and install specialty wiring for commercial vehicles as well as unique needs applications. This includes wiring of police vehicles, fire vehicles, various federal law enforcement and specialty department vehicles, Big Rigs, pilot trucks, mining rigs, heavy equipment, construction equipment, boats and more.

If your needs require non-standard wiring for lights, beacons, communication radios, winches, acc fuel tanks, interior heaters, inverters, strobes, door poppers (K-9), electronic lock gun racks and ammo safes or more unusual items, then come see us about designing and installing a custom supply and switching system or installing your harness.We use top grade relays, arctic rated wire, Hella or other top grade switching, wire loom, and solder all the connections we can.

The truck in our slideshow came to us essentially “bone stock.” It now features a brush guard with HID and Lightforce moose lights, Bushwacker fender flares, 12″ x 36″ industrial mud flaps, Luverne stainless steel running boards, Arctic Spray-in-Bedliner, rocker panels, and sprayed 60+ gal fuel transfer tank with electric pump, arctic hose, arctic nozzle. We also installed the backrack with beacon, custom brake lights, front and rear facing 170mm Lightforce lights, oversize sign with custom fold down locking brackets, CB and VHF antenna’s with SS marine folding mounts, custom LED brake lights mounted in the tailgate, center console with redundantly fused AC and DC power distribution, custom switching, CB and VHF radios, Garmin GPS with Alaska road and Topo mapping, Smart Grip mounts for GPS and Telecommunications, spare tire mounts, and more. Check it out!