Noise Reduction

Auto Trim Design of Fairbanks recently began working with HushMat®, the experts in automotive acoustics. We were searching for a top of line product that could effectively reduce the decibels in those toys we just gotta have. Hushmat® specializes in hot rod and mobile electronics acoustics, but we’ve taken their technology and applied it to boats and diesel trucks Alaskans are all too familiar with.

Stop the noise! Reduce heat! Treat firewall, floor, tunnel, doors, roof, wheel wells and trunk with HushMat and enjoy a cool, quiet and comfortable ride. Plus with the installation experts at Auto Trim Design, it’s easier than ever.


Steve Vincent, Director Operations/General Manager at Auto Trim In June of 2006, I took delivery of a Harbercraft/Jetcraft 2175XS from the good folks at The Boat Shop in Fairbanks, Alaska. Although this Mercury Optimax 200 powered jet boat is an excellent shallow water performer, it is very loud while operating. Rather than wearing headphones or resorting to a flight com system for my passengers and myself I decided to experiment with noise reduction techniques and some new technology sound isolation material….READ MORE