Spray in Bedliners

Auto Trim Design uses SPI FMJ plus for our Arctic Spray-in BedLiners, which is nearly identical replacement for the discontinued SPI SS-100 that we have been using for years with great success in our cold climate.  FMJ Plus is a nearly pure hot mix polyurea that was originally designed for commercial applications with excellent elasticity and a working temperature range of -60F to +250f.  Like the old SS-100, FMJ Plus was designed for the commercial market with and extremely fast “cure to tack” time of around 7 seconds while retaining excellent expansion, contraction, and adhesion characteristics in extreme temperature and work conditions.  In short, this product excels where inferior bedliner material fails.

Hot mix spray on systems have several advantages over cold material bedliners. A cold material bedliner is sprayed at room temprature as a single stage process. Consequently, it has a long (1 day to 1 week) curing/gas-off time, is not thermally bonded, has less elasticity and a smoother texture.

A “hot mix system” is sprayed at 2100 psi between 190 degrees F to 210 degress F, and is a two stage, two chemical process consisting of a hardener and the primary chemical. The first stage is a thermally bonded highly elastic smooth layer – for expansion and contraction in Alaska’s temperature extremes. The second stage is the rough texture finish layer. The surface can be walked on within minutes and resists heavy loads – like fuel drums – within 24 hours. While most people will consider this system for their pickup beds, it also works well for rocker panels, snowmachine trailers, boat floorboards, winch bumpers, four-wheeler racks and much more.