Spray in Bedliners

Auto Trim Design of Fairbanks uses Polyshield™ SS-100, a nearly pure commercial grade hot mix polyurea, for our Arctic Spray-in Bed Liners. Unlike the consumer polyurea bed liner chemical formulations which use fillers in the primary material and hardener to cut costs, SS-100 is nearly pure which gives it more strength and elasticity. Another reason that we use Polyshield™ SS-100 is that it was originally developed for use on the Alaska pipeline to withstand extreme temperature variations and physical abuse. Polyshield™ SS-100 is now sold worldwide primarily for use in commercial applications where inferior products fail or have a very short life span.

Hot mix spray on systems have several advantages over cold material bedliners. A cold material bedliner is sprayed at room temprature as a single stage process. Consequently, it has a long (1 day to 1 week) curing/gas-off time, is not thermally bonded, has less elasticity and a smoother texture.

A “hot mix system” is sprayed at 2100 psi between 190 degrees F to 210 degress F, and is a two stage, two chemical process consisting of a hardener and the primary chemical. The first stage is a thermally bonded highly elastic smooth layer – for expansion and contraction in Alaska’s temperature extremes. The second stage is the rough texture finish layer. The surface can be walked on within minutes and resists heavy loads – like fuel drums – within 24 hours. While most people will consider this system for their pickup beds, it also works well for rocker panels, snowmachine trailers, boat floorboards, boat hulls, four-wheeler racks and much more.